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Raju's highlights so far

  • 10 stockists within the first two weeks of sales

  • 1st distribution deal within 1st month of trade

  • Over 500 sauces sold within the first few months of sales

  • SALSA accredited production

  • Multi-talented team

  • Appealing branded retail ready packaging and shipping boxes

  • Taste tested by over 2000 people with written recorded feedback from over 400 people

  • SEIS Ready

  • All three sauces are currently being reviewed by the Guild of Fine

  • All sauces have been tested by a UKAS certified lab for nutrition and shelf life analysis.

  • Trademarked brand that is ready for mass market growth

I'd love to talk to you more about Raju and why I think it's a great investment opportunity.

Please fill out the contact box and I can reach out with Raju's pitch deck and 5 year financial plan.

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